We want to thank

For having provided immense help for hours (2)

  1. The volunteers team, which work on the project from the start and those who join the project along the way.

  2. The community on the conjugator Discord server for giving their opinions daily when there are questions of organizations, etc.

For sharing with us the database of verbs (3)

  1. Hunspell” for the Breton language, spell check software developed by “An Drouizig”.

  2. The historical dictionary for the Breton language “Meurgorf”, done by the “Public Ofice for the Breton Language” (POBL).

  3. The "Dispegadurator" project, developed by Doujet B., we relied on his project to enrich the database.

French translation of verbs

It would not have been possible to propose a French translation of the verbs found on the site without their agreements to reuse their dictionaries:

Online dictionaries (5)

  1. Devri” the online diacritical dictionary done by Menard M., hosted by “Kuzul ar Brezhoneg”.

  2. The online dictionary of Favereau F. in his version of 2001 and the enhanced and reviewed one of 2015 in the PDF format.

  3. Geriafurch”, the Breton dictionary aggregator developed by the collective “Poellgor Bed Niverel”.

  4. Dictionary of Science and Technology”, done by “Kreizenn ar Geriaouiñ” (Centre of terminology), Version 3.2 – 23/05/2020.

  5. The historical dictionary for the Breton language “Meurgorf”, done by the “Public Ofice for the Breton Language” (POBL).

Databases in a sheet format (1)

  1. The "Dispegadurator" project, developed by Doujet B., we reused his work to propose a good French translation for the verbs.

Paper dictionaries (1)

  1. Favereau F., 2001, Geriadurig ar brezhoneg a-vremañ: [brezhoneg - galleg ; galleg - brezhoneg ; bilingue] = Dictionnaire compact du breton contemporain, Montroulez, Skol Vreizh, 1240 p., ISBN: 978-2-915623-16-1 978-2-911447-44-0 + (and second edition revised and expanded of 2015).

For giving us permission to reuse their grammatical vocabulary(s)

Grammatical vocabulary (1)

  1. Jouitteau M., "ARBRES", research site on the formal syntax of the syntactic microvariation of the Breton language, IKER, CNRS, (ed.). 2009-...

For having given advice and having participated in the programming process (1)

  1. The project "Open Source Dictionary", 2020.

We would also like to thank those who wrote all the works listed on the "sources" page.